Ayurveda Mana - Poomully Arathampurans,Palakkad

"Chathurmugha samarambham ; Vakbhatacharya Madhyamam Asmadacharya paryantham ; Vande Guru parambaram' :" Meaning of the above shlok is A prayer to our 'guru parambara' or great lineage. Admiring the great ayurvedic lineage started by Lord Brahma (who understood ayurveda through his noble thought) and then conveyed to Vakbhatacharya and through the ages, it was finally passed on to my masters or 'gurus'.

 POOMULLY NEELAKANDAN NAMBOODIRIPPAD After the demise of Poomully Aram Thampuran in 1997 his disciples, followers, friends and relatives formed a trust called the "POOMULLY ARAMTHAMPURAN SMARAKA TRUST" (P-A-S-T)"

 Poomully Heritage Ayurveda Pvt Ltd Poomully Mana Ayurvedic Hospital, Peringode (PO), Via. Koottanadu, Palakkad Dist, Kerala, India. Pincode 679535.

'Mana' means family house of the Namboodiri. Namboodiri were the Kerala Brahmins. Poomully Mana, is a Namboodiri family home which is situated in Kerala. It is having a history of more than 500 years. Poomully Mana also got recognition as one of the cultural centres in Kerala. The members of Poomully Mana comprised of famous practitioners and experts in Ayurveda, Rig-veda, Yoga, Kalari (martial-art)Music & other cultural arts. Late.Sri.Poomully Narayanan Namboodirippad who was the father of Aramthampuran & famous Rig-veda practitioner Late.Sri. Poomully Raman Namboothiripad was an exceptionally talented student of the famous musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar and Late.Sri. Poomulli Neelakandan Namboothiripad also known as Aramthampuran. He is the inimitable ayurveda practitioner that are better known among them. Many of the reowned personalities from within the country and abroad visits mana for Ayurveda treatments. This place is also famous for practicing in arts & cultural forms.The buildings and structures of Poomully Manaare built in traditional Kerala style architecture. Then they were again reconstructed under the initiative of the Late Poomully Narayanan Namboodirippad. He was the father of Poomully Aramthampuran. The Poomully manor is a brilliant piece of architecture. Its authentic design very much appreciated around the globe. The manor was reconstructed by the gifted designer-architect Vellanezhi Namboothiripad also reconstructed the Koothambalam at the Thrissur Vadakkunnathan Temple. The family of Poomully also encouraged research into the sciences, especially ayurveda. The library of Mana still has a huge collection of ancient manuscripts and books on ayurveda and other sciences. The Kutipraveshika treatment(Rasayana Chikitsa) to be recorded in the last century also took place at Poomully Mana in the year 1953. The "Poomully Way" of ayurvedic treatments are designed by Aramthampuran with reference to classical ayurveda texts. This is being followed at Poomully Mana. ‘Poomully Mana’ is being used as a heritage centre for ayurveda treatments. There are many ayurvedic doctors from present generation of Poomully Mana family who are maintaining the traditional values and principles which heighten the processes.



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 Poomully Heritage Ayurveda Pvt Ltd Poomully Mana Ayurvedic Hospital, Peringode (PO), Via. Koottanadu, Palakkad Dist, Kerala, India. Pincode 679535.
  Poomully Heritage Ayurveda Pvt Ltd Poomully Mana Ayurvedic Hospital, Peringode (PO), Via. Koottanadu, Palakkad Dist, Kerala, India. Pincode 679535.

Established on-  1850


Rooms/ Suite/Villa

There are rooms available for accommodation of patients;
These rooms are suitable for stay during ayurvedic treatments.

  • This is an Eco-friendly ayurvedic centre in a green serene atmosphere. It was madekeeping in mind the serene and soothing atmosphere which plays an essential while undergoing Ayurveda treatments.
  • The bed-rooms are spacious with attached bathroom cum toilet. There is facility of Hot water & Natural water in the toilets which is considered as a necessity during Ayurvedic treatment days.
  • There are wooden furniture & large windows which helps in better air circulation.
  • Other facilities available in each of the rooms are internet connectivity (Wifi) and there is Mobile range of all major service providers for using self-phone as well it is for emergency use of inpatients.
  • Air-conditioners are also installed for minimal/emergency use during hot climate/summer.


There are traditional Ponds for maintaining water level.


Poomully Mana family manuscript & book collections:

Poomully Mana family holds an incredible collection of books and manuscripts that illustrate the proud cultural heritage of India. The book collection of Poomully Aramthampuran is also preserved by the present generation family members. Special Almirahs were built and herbal preparations are put over the manuscripts to preserve them. 


The kalari training is only given to the villagers/nearby people who can attend the classes regularly

Herbal Garden

Herbal plants & trees

Poomully Mana is surrounded by plants and trees which includes more than two century old banyan trees. This helps to generate air with great medicinal value. Aambal, Arayaal, Asoka, Avanekku, Ayamodakam, Brahmi, Chempakam, Chemparuthi, Cherupunna, Inchi,Nelli , Jaathi etc. also form the part of the rich vegetation surrounding the Mana

Treatment and Therapies

Abhyanga and Sweda

Active Fitness

Advanced Body Therapies - Javanese Lulur



Bay Leaf Signature Treatment

Bone & Muscle Health Programs

Chakra basti

Constipation & Digestive Disorders

Cooling Cucumber Honey Relaxation Therapy

Degenerative Disorders

Depression Treatment

Detoxification Programs



Face Massage

Foot Massage


Greeva basti

Hair Treatment

Head Massage



Herbal Steam Bath

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Hot Stone Massage



Immunity Enhancement Programs

Infertility and Impotence


Janu basti


Kati basti

Kizhi Treatment



Lifestyle Disease Management

Lower Backache


Multiple Sclerosis Management

Muscle Skeletal Disorders


Nervous Disorders

Netra Tarpana





Papaya Olive oil Whitening



Pizhichil Treatment


Rasayana for Anti-ageing

Rejuvenation Programs

Relaxing Back Massage

Respiratory problems

Rheumatic disease

Shirodhara Treatment

Shirovasti Treatment

Shoulder Message

Shuddi Kriyas


Skin & Beauty Care Programs

Skin care

Snehapanam Treatment

Spine & Joint Care

Spine Related Disorders


Sports Injuries

Stress Related Problems

Tharpanam Treatment



Weight Management

Women's Health Programs

Yoga & Meditation

  1. Detoxification Programs


  • Dhara
  • Abhyangam


  1. Foot Massage
  • Kalari foot-massage or Kalari chavittiuzhichil


  1. Gandush
  • Gangoosham


  1. Nasyam


  1. Panchakarma
  • Vamana


  1. Pizichil


  1. Rasayana Chikitsa


  1.  Sirodhara


  1. Shirovasti


  1. Sneha Panam


  1. Udwarthanam


  1. Yoga for Villagers

The yoga training is only for the villagers/nearby people who can attend the classes regularly.