Swami Ramdas, affectionately known as Beloved Papa, built Anandashram in 1931 on a hilltop on the outskirts of Kanhangad, Kerala, India. "The goal which the Ashram holds before it is Universal Love and Service based on a vision of divinity (Godliness) in all beings and animals of the earth," Papa said emphatically in his inaugural address. Every man, woman, and kid, regardless of denomination, creed, or caste, shall have unfettered access here. This is a location where every effort will be made to foster a culture of mutual love and service, so that what occurs within its walls might serve as an example of proper human behaviour in the outside world.

 Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai

 • Anandashram Anandashram P.O., Kanhangad 671531 Dist. Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Tel: (0467) 2203036/2209477 Email:

Swami Ramdas in Bombay believed to have been the first to think of establishing an ashram or spiritual centre called "Anandashram." He had lately returned from Kasaragod in North Kerala, where he had been "kept up in a thatched hut on the Pilikunji Hill," according to his memoirs. Swami Ramdas wrote to Anandrao (his brother in Kasaragod) while in Bombay "stating a desire for an Ashram to be built in that location on the Pilikunji hill It may also be called 'Anandashram,' according to [Swami Ramdas]." On the hill, to the south of which flowed the Payashwini river, a modest Ashram consisting of a little room and an open porch was built. The Anandashram was founded on June 3, 1928. Swami Ramdas recounts the Ashram in a letter dated June 14, 1928: "Ramdas has been residing at the new Ashram, which Sri Ram prepared for His child, for almost a month. It's in the middle of a forest, at the foot of a hill, beside a fast-flowing creek. The atmosphere is serene and pleasant. The beautiful sounds of birds fill the air with ecstatic thrills in the morning and evening. All day and night, hymns are sung and God's names are chanted throughout the Ashram. God's devotees are flocking in droves. Ramdas is submerged in a blissful sea. "Anandashram" is the name of the Ashram." Mother Krishnabai's sadhana and self-realization were to take place at this ashram. The young widow Krishnabai arrived in Kasaragod to be with her sister-in-law on June 7, 1928, just four days after the Ashram at Kasaragod was established. By 1930, she had abandoned her family and was living at the Ashram full-time. Her presence in the Ashram sparked widespread outrage, prompting the Ashram's regular inmates to depart, as well as the number of visitors. Anandashram in 1933 Swami Ramdas and Mataji were compelled to leave the Ashram permanently in 1931, just after Mataji Krishnabai finished her sadhana and obtained the experience of nirvikalpa samadhi, after a violent attack on Mataji Krishnabai by two unknown persons. Swami Ramdas' associates and followers proposed that a new Ashram be established on the Manjapati hill in Kanhangad a few days later while staying in Kanhangad. Swami Ramdas consented, and on May 15, 1931, the new Ashram, also known as 'Anandashram,' was inaugurated. The surrounding area, which was known as Manjapati before to the Ashram's creation, is today known as Ramnagar. The Ashram gradually expanded from its humble beginnings to its current low-rise facility. Many of the Ashram's buildings were donated to the Ashram's employees or handed over to the government for use in different social welfare programmes and schools. All guests are provided with free food and lodging for a limited time at the Ashram. Wandering sadhus and sanyasis have their own buildings. The Ashram publishes The Vision, a periodical, as well as several books by Swami Ramdas (a prolific writer) and others. Mataji Krishnabai led Anandashram from Swami Ramdas' mahasamadhi in 1963 till her death in 1989. Swami Sachidananda, who arrived to the ashram in 1949, took over as its head until his death in 2008. Swami Muktananda is now in charge of the Ashram.


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 (0467) 2203036/2209477
  • Anandashram Anandashram P.O., Kanhangad 671531 Dist. Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Tel: (0467) 2203036/2209477 Email:

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Anand Ashram Seva Samiti was founded by Mrs Prema Vishwanathan in the year 1999.Since then this home has rendered unconditonal service to the Elderly denizens of India.It has taken care of more then 600 elderly,bed ridden & mentally handicapped people since then. The Ashram is ever ready to handle any kind of health problems and has got people who are always on the watch for any mishaps.

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  • Nearest railway station: Kanhangad railway station, about 5 km away
  • Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 184 km away

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