Akshar Vastu

We at Akshar Vastu work using four-step procedures to determine the impact of your building (home, workplace, or factory) on you and your life. These impacts might be beneficial or negative, and as a result, they determine whether you succeed or fail. We apply techniques to find solutions without having to demolish or change the structure of the building. It's a cleaner, simpler, yet more powerful system for determining how a structure affects human behaviour. It offers financial security, happiness, gains, and success in life while keeping a modern lifestyle and architecture.


Experience in the Field

15+ year

Solutions / Remedies

  • Broadening your vision in life; you start seeing more and your vision becomes wider,
  • Adding love, warmth and sweetness in relationships, thereby removing disharmony,
  • Receiving better opportunities to grow in career,
  • Removing obstacles in success,
  • Removing lack of recognition,
  • Fast recovery from financial loss,
  • Enhancing blocked creativity,
  • Getting support (from relatives, friends, institutions, govt. dept., strangers)
  • Improving skill, thereby, reducing performance related anxiety,
  • Non-reccurence of frequent accidents,
  • Improving self-confidence,
  • Controlling anxiety and depression,
  • Improving ‘let-go’ and releasing blocked emotions,
  • Fetching better results of the efforts, often exceeding the expectations,
  • Improving Savings,
  • Controlling wasteful expenditures,
  • Countering the problems of miscarriage and delay in conception (when, otherwise everything is OK medically),
  • Improving immunity and faster recovery from illenesses and wounds, chronic diseases,
  • Removing and lessening problems with children,
  • Improving Children education (Better concentration and marks),
  • Removing obstacles and issues in marriage of childrem,
  • Making better, faster and efffective decisions,
  • Finding ways and moments to have fun and enjoy life,
  • Improving cash flow and releasing blocked payments,
  • Motivating peoples to meet their targets,
  • Getting better and refreshing sleep,
  • Rejuvenating the maritial life,

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